Monday, October 5, 2009

An invitation

You were with me last nite, all nite long
You were with me, visiting all those batik workshops when dusk hit
You were there when this morning I strolled along the narrow lanes of Laweyan
and prayed in a 500 years old mosque

This is an invitation Riri…next time …

At 9:43 - a text message from Ciptadi who was in Solo till this morning.

Such a great way to start my day in the office….thinking of our possible next trip together!. And it’s made me dreamed of the days when we can just grab our backpacks and go exploring this God given wonderful world…before it quits on us.

Sometimes, when there are natural disasters, I can only pray for that. That we are still given some days, or months, or years, to see what we have not seen. To explore what we have not explored. Because those, can bring us even closer to feeling that God is good, and if there is anything bad, we bring it to ourselves.

Many times, I feel that we are racing with time just to see the places near to us.

In Kompas today, the headline was ‘Everyone Has to be Prepared’ (Semua Harus Siap Siaga). The news talked about earthquakes that will still happen. Of course, why shouldn’t they keep happening?. This earth is not getting any younger, yet its burden is not getting any lighter, either. And we keep on digging and scrounging what we can from it. So how can it stand still?.

Oh well. Cip’s message this morning did make me very happy. For the thought that we will explore some places again. Again showing and sharing with Tara what made us fell in love with some places. Hoping that she will keep those memories as we keep ours, that when those places are no longer there, at least the images stay in her mind.

Just like the way Sitinjau Lauik stays in my mind. One of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen in my life, in one tranquil afternoon, sitting far from the beach on that very road. The way all the winding roads from Padang to Payakumbuh have made me dizzy, as well as made me awe for its thick vegetation, and stunning views.

An invitation. That was all I needed, to remind me how much I have not seen nor remembered well. And so, I must answer that.

Cip, let’s go. Before they are all gone, before they are all taken from us. Let’s go.


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