Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A place

There is a place I go to
When I’m weary and troubled
And need a time alone

There is a place I go to
A small cabin on a hill
With some big trees nearby
Where birds come and sing every morning 

There is a place I go to
With a veranda with hanging flowers
From where I can see the ocean and the small islands nearby 
While sipping coffee

There is a place I go to
With yellow flowers in the garden
And reds and pinks accentuated the yellows
With a Labrador and a German Shepherd

There is a place I go to
When I'm tired of people
Or of my own expectations of people
To put a halt to everything

There is a place I go to
Where I can be with myself
Feeling the breeze on my face
Enjoying the warm morning sun
Walking on the vast meadow with my dogs

There is a place I go to
Where I can sit on the veranda with my books
Or ride my bike when I want to go to a nearby village and meet people
Or tending my small beautiful garden
Or walking on the long beach line below the hill
Or go diving from a nearby island and have a small picnic on the beach
See people when I want to see them

The place I go to
Is in my head
I made it myself, combining many things I’ve seen on my travels
With my own wishes
I go there from time to time
Closing my eyes and feel the peace

Seeking the voice that only I can hear
The voice of my Guardian
Telling me that I will be OK
Because He will never leave my side
Even when I’m alone
In the cabin on a hill 

(Nearing the end of Ramadhan, 2018. At the edge of nothingness...)

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