Saturday, June 12, 2010

Because we need you

One day, you may hear things like
You owe your parents your life
Without them, you cannot achieve anything
Without them, there is no one for you to run to

Parts of those are true
But you know what
Without you, we are also nothing
Without you, there is one less joy in this life

Every joy and laughter
Is for us to enjoy
Every heartbreak
Is ours to heal

When you do well
We feel good about ourselves
We think we have done well
We think we are doing a lot better than ourselves

So my child
You are in this world because we want you
So never ever let anyone tell you
That you owe us

We only owe this life to The One
You owe us nothing
We are only doing what we think we have to do
And how very little we know what we have to do

So if one day
You find out that we make a mistake
Don’t hide it from us
You are our teacher, too

We need you
To show us the way too
To walk with us side by side
And not behind us

Don’t let anyone tell you
That you are disrespectful to walk beside us
We want you to be that way
Only then, you can be a strong human being

Inspired from a small lunch time talk with someone who said, “It’s us who need the children”. So true, isn’t it?. If not then why some of us try every corner to have a child?, or have another one?.

And yet, how sometimes we forget that we owe our children for the joys and sorrows in this life. I always dislike those who say that he’s or she’s done a great deal for the children. I always believe it’s both ways. It is not easy for children to cope with us as parents, I’m sure. We think we do things for their sake, while sometimes we dismiss the fact that there are times we do things for our sake: pride, social status, and other things that make us feel good about ourselves. So without them, we cannot project ‘the better us’ to the outside world, can we?.

That small talk reminds me, that it is us who need them, maybe more than they need us. And may that reminder live forever, so we know when we do something for our children, we owe it to them to make it feels good for them too.

(R I R I)

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