Thursday, August 20, 2009

Songs that Tara learned at kindergarten

(and everytime she told me a new song, I always ask her, "Can mommy sit in your class, sounds so much fun!!")

(this is a song with the rhyme of ‘are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John’)

I am growing
I am growing
Up, up, up
Up, up, up

Bigger and taller
Smarter and happier
Aigazel, here I come

(and this one is totally new - I think the teachers must have created it)

Look to the window
And who do I see
Bunda, ayah (or any other names that she wishes, depending who she sees in front of her), and other friends of me

Hello, hello, hello, how are you
I’m fine, I’m fine
I hope that you are too

Cute songs, aren't they????.....can't wait to hear more of them....

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