Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking at you.....

Before there was you
I never thought a feeling like this
Would be able to entrap me

Before there was you
I thought it was silly to cry
Over a blurry image on the screen of the USG machine
A scene that I often saw in the movies

Before there was you
I thought I was a strong woman
Strong enough to think that even if I had to be alone
I would still be able to make it on my own

And now
Every time I look at you I think….
I was stupid
Stupid to think that I would be able to resist your temptation

When I look at you
I see God’s great love to me
For you have brought me into Cloud 9
Every time you look me in the eyes

Looking at you
Now I understand why I have to be strong
Because you need the strength
So you can grow into a strong woman, too, when the time comes

Looking at you
Puts sense in everything that I do
Even when we were being two silly people doing non-sense
But with you, there is always a good sense in everything

(even when Mommy stays at home writing this silly poem when you are not around…I know there is a sense in doing this….)

Thank you God
For granting me the chance to feel like this


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